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I’m excited for you. And for this ‘next big thing’ you’re moving on to. I want to make sure you feel really good with your health insurance, really confident in your choices, so you can be that much more sure and enthusiastic about the new stage of life you’re dancing into.


As a licensed independent agent, I am intimately aware of all the ins and outs of the health insurance arena. As an entrepreneur who has always had to look after myself, I’m in a unique position to truly understand and share your concerns.


With access to the major carriers, I’ll make you aware of all your options, assure you understand the pros and cons of each, then help you sort through them. We’ll find the best way to save money on premiums while attaining excellent coverage. 


I look forward to meeting with you and hearing about the new adventure you’re embarking on!


What timing—along with the changes now going on in your life are the significant changes going on in health insurance. It can make the prospect of taking responsibility for your own healthcare seem a little iffy. But relax.


Let's get started today.

Call me, Christina Evans, 

at 440.961.1026.

Or, if you prefer, send

along an email.

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