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Okay, this is the ‘not fun’ part of striking out on your own. There’s a lot to think about. A lot to consider. A lot to learn. But arriving at the best health plan for yourself is a

lot like launching your business—make lists, set goals, just take it one step at a time.

And with your insurance, you’ll have me to help: I specialize in working with small business owners. After all, I’m one myself. I’ve been there at the beginning, just starting out, just like you are right now. So put that passion to succeed to work.

Put that belief in yourself into high gear and push on right now—grab a sheet

of paper, write down the three things you’re most concerned about regarding healthcare, jot down all the other questions you have, all the concerns you ponder.

Get it all out on the notepad. Then call me to set up a no-obligation appointment. We’ll work through your questions, go over your options, and together, we’ll figure out what health plan best fits your needs and budget. Pretty soon, you’ll be checking one more thing off your grand to-do list.





A few answers to a few questions you might already have:




Are the market place plans less expensive than COBRA?  They can be but depends on a number of factors, deductible, location, age, and several others. 


How do I know my income if I am starting a business or am unemployed?  There are several ways the marketplace suggests you estimate your income.  If your income is substantially different after a few months, the marketplace allows you to adjust your income during the years outside of open enrollment.


What are HSA eligible plans? A Health Savings Account is an account that you can set up to deposit tax-free dollars to go toward your medical expenses.  This account can be rolled over year to year if there is a remaining balance.  


Should I take any job so I can get benefits?  I suggest you balance what you want in a position in addition to a need for insurance coverage.  You pay for health care when you are unemployed, self-employed or as part of your compensation package.  Employers are now frequently offering plans with high deductible similar to the marketplace plans. 


Call me, Christina Evans, 

at 440.961.1026

Health Insurance
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